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There is a list of medications containing "Sucralfate" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Sucralfate medications The last trade name of products
Acicot Acicot - Alsucral Alsucral
Altsamin Altsamin - Aralfate Aralfate
Aso Aso - Cidifen Cidifen
Ciprid Ciprid - Crasia Crasia
Cukralfete Cukralfete - Disuo Disuo
Dixian Dixian - Eftisucral Eftisucral
Elphate Elphate - Eurogastro Eurogastro
Exinol Exinol - Gastral Gastral
Gastrik-S Gastrik-S - Glocid-S Glocid-S
Glycid Glycid - Inpepsa Inpepsa
Ipagastril Ipagastril - Mac-S Mac-S
Macsufate Macsufate - Mucobind Mucobind
Mucogard Mucogard - Nufate Nufate
Nu-Sucralfate Nu-Sucralfate - Profat Profat
Pro-Fit Pro-Fit - Ralfate Ralfate
Ralfet-OD Ralfet-OD - Sanfate Sanfate
SCF SCF - Shukefei Shukefei
Shumed Shumed - Starfate Starfate
Starlix Starlix - Sucfate Sucfate
Suclive Suclive - Sucraday Sucraday
Sucrafar Sucrafar - Sucrager Sucrager
Sucragray Sucragray - Sucralan Sucralan
Sucralbene Sucralbene - Sucralfate (Aphena Pharma Solutions) Sucralfate (Aphena Pharma Solutions)
Sucralfate (Apotex) Sucralfate (Apotex) - Sucralfate (Levista) Sucralfate (Levista)
Sucralfate (McKesson Corporation) Sucralfate (McKesson Corporation) - Sucralfate (Pro Doc) Sucralfate (Pro Doc)
Sucralfate (Ranbaxy) Sucralfate (Ranbaxy) - Sucralfate (UDL) Sucralfate (UDL)
Sucralfate (VistaPharm) Sucralfate (VistaPharm) - Sucralfato (DOC Generici) Sucralfato (DOC Generici)
Sucralfato (Dutriec) Sucralfato (Dutriec) - Sucralfato (Master Care) Sucralfato (Master Care)
Sucralfato (Medifarma Laboratorio) Sucralfato (Medifarma Laboratorio) - Sucralfin Sucralfin
Sucralgastric Sucralgastric - Sucralmax Sucralmax
Sucralon Sucralon - Sucraphil Sucraphil
Sucrase Sucrase - Sucraz (Genetic Pharma) Sucraz (Genetic Pharma)
Sucraz (Miracle Pharmaceuticals) Sucraz (Miracle Pharmaceuticals) - Sucrosun Sucrosun
Sucrotic Sucrotic - Sugast Sugast
Sugastrin Sugastrin - Suracid Suracid
Sure-IT Sure-IT - Tasul Tasul
Taxilan Taxilan - Ulcefate Ulcefate
Ulcefix Ulcefix - Ulcerfate Ulcerfate
Ulcerlmin Ulcerlmin - Ulcimer Ulcimer
Ulciram Ulciram - Ulcufato Ulcufato
Ulcumaag Ulcumaag - Ulsicral Ulsicral
Ulsidex Ulsidex - Weidi Weidi
WeiYi WeiYi - Zetafate Zetafate

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